Other Engine Filters

The #1 Most Common Goof In Your Oil Change

(Hint – It’s NOT The Oil)!

All About Air Filtration…

The BIGGEST mistake is not checking or replacing other engine filters when needed, like the air, breather and fuel filters. Internal combustion engines last longer with clean, fresh air! An engine air filter captures airborne contaminates, like bugs and dirt, before they enter your engine. Each gallon of gasoline your engine burns requires 10,000 gallons of air. That means a LOT of of contaminant being sucked into an air filter. Left unchanged, dirty air filters lead to poor acceleration, lower gas mileage and generally poor engine performance.

Today’s engines can all breathe cleaner air by having their breather elements changed regularly. The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve and breather element process exhaust fumes and reduce air pollutants. Changing PCV valves and breather elements help the air filtration system do its job effectively.

Air filtration systems – air filter, PCV valve and breather elements should be replaced approximately every 9,000 miles or according to the recommendations in your owner manual. Your A-1 Auto Repair Professionalchecks these filters so your engine can breathe easier.

And Don’t Forget the Fuel Filter…
The fuel filter is one of those engine components that may only cost $10 or $20, but can protect your engine from thousands of dollars in damage if you change it regularly.

Fuel filters protect some of the very delicate parts of your engine. Carburetor and fuel injection systems can be clogged up by the tiniest of particles, so a properly functioning fuel filter is very important. If a fuel filter starts to get clogged up, the fuel trying to flow through the filter to the engine gets stuck in the fuel line.

It only takes a few minutes to replace a fuel filter and it should be done at least once a year on the average vehicle. Inspecting a fuel filter is part of the regular maintenance schedule at .

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