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“I Have Created What I Consider To Be The Perfect Vehicle Maintenance Center In Mesquite…”
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The Case For Regular Service…
“Is Your “Service Engine Soon” light on? We can diagnose that quickly, tell you what caused it and explain what it will take to fix it!

Hi, I’m Joe Cheney, General Manager at Majestic Lube of Mesquite. Your vehicle needs regular inspection and service to keep it running properly. Without the proper service, your “Service Engine Soon” WILL eventually come on.

Here at Majestic Lube, our primary focus is changing oil and filters, but we inspect your steering, transmission, cooling and fuel systems as well. We also check your battery, windshield wipers, tire pressure and other filters, all of which are critical to keeping your vehicle in top shape and ready to go for you.

My Majestic Lube Professionals will search out and advise you of potential problems that can be easily taken care of now, instead of on the side of a lonely highway somewhere in the middle of Nevada. It is what it is … a small problem ignored can quickly grow into a great big, expensive problem.

Visiting Majestic Lube on a regular basis will help make sure you maintain an amazing vehicle experience. And check out our NEW Fleet Program if you have 1 or 100 business vehicles!

And now, I invite you to take a few more minutes and look through our website. You will quickly see all the things we can do to help keep your vehicle running like it should … and I look forward to meeting you in person!”

Driving in Our Harsh Environment

Today’s driving is really hard on vehicles. Here in Nevada, we drive under more severe conditions … a lot of that because we make short trips with many stops. Your Majestic Lube Professional will keep your vehicle running smoothly with timely service inspections and maintenance.

And what about the environment? Just one gallon of oil disposed of carelessly can ruin millions of gallons of fresh water! Majestic Lube disposes of used oil and filters properly and legally, following EPA and State guidelines. The result is a well serviced vehicle that runs properly and keeps the air cleaner.

Manufacturer Service Recommendations…
Confused about which services you need and when? Majestic Lube proprietary software system gives us full access to most manufacturers recommended service schedules (also known as factory scheduled maintenance).

With this valuable information available instantly, Majestic Lube keeps your life AND your vehicle running smooth and hassle free.

To Our Veterans…
THANK YOU for Your Service!!!
Majestic Lube of Mesquite is Now Offering 10% Discount To All Veterans!