Points 25

25 Point Inspection!

At Majestic Lube, a Full Service Oil Change is really full service – we provide more than just an oil change. It includes a comprehensive 21 point preventative maintenance check-up for cars, trucks and other fleet vehicles.

A 25 Point Inspection is standard at Majestic Lube and includes:

1.Oil Change (up to 5 quarts of CASTROL GTX 5w30, 10/30, or 15/40 motor oil)
2.Change Oil Filter
3.Lube Chassis
4.Inspect Transmission Fluid
5.Inspect Rear Differential Fluid
6.Inspect Brake Fluid
7.Inspect Power Steering Fluid
8.Inspect Washer Fluid
9.Inspect battery Fluid
10.Inspect Air Filter
11.Inspect Breather Element
12.Inspect PCV Valve
13.Inspect Wiper Blades
14.Inspect Tire Pressure and Wear
15.Vacuum Floors
16.Clean Exterior Windows
17.Inspect Lights
18.Inspect Fan Belt(s)
19.Inspect Antifreeze
20.Inspect Cabin Air Filter
21.Inspect Engine Off
22.Inspect Front Differential Fluid
33.Inspect Transfer Case Fluid
24.Inspect Hoses
24Inspect Drive Train

In addition, we will always advise you of anything else we might notice that needs attention, even if it is something we do not service at Majestic Lube.