Tire Rotation

The Importance of Rotating Tires and Brake Inspection

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Rotating tires should be part of any regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance. Rotating regularly maintains an even amount of wear on all 4 tires. Regular tire rotation results in improved gas mileage and a smoother, more comfortable ride. Regularly rotating tires also extends the life of a vehicle’s suspension by reducing vibration.

When tires are removed, the A-1 Auto Repair Technician look over the suspension and brake system to catch problems in the very early stages. In addition, most tire manufacturers require tire rotation regularly. The best way to keep on schedule is to rotate tires at the same time oil is changed. As always, follow the guidelines in the vehicle’s owner manual.

Uneven tire wear is the most common sign that tires need to be rotated. Your A-1 Auto Repair Technician will check this by measuring the tread depth in several places on each tire. If the measurements are significantly different, tires are wearing unevenly. Tread feathering is one of the most common signs when tires are not properly rotated.

A A-1 Auto Repair experienced technician will know how to “feather” a tire by running their hand along the tread. If worn, the tread will have rounded edges on one side and sharp edges on the other. However, just rotating the tires will not correct problems due to worn mechanical parts, wrong inflation or front end alignment.

While each tire can wear unevenly, tires on the front can also wear differently than tires on the rear. Regularly rotating allows tires to be in both front and rear positions to even out wear. Regular rotation can help with uneven wear but can also help diagnosis other problems.

When tires wear unevenly, the driver can hear increased road noise and feel vibrations. Although vibration can also be felt in nearly every part of a vehicle, it is most often found in the steering wheel.

For more information about tire rotation and brake inspection, talk to a A-1 Auto Repair of Mesquite Technician, or Contact Us!