Wiper Blades

“My Wiper Blades Look Just Fine To Me!”

(You’re Kidding, Right?)

Wiper blades should be able to clean the windshield completely and without streaking or noise.

It’s not always apparent to the naked eye that wiper blades are ineffective … until that miserable sudden rainstorm at dusk or at night. Your A-1 Auto Repair Professional will advise you if your wiper blades are worn or damaged. If they need to be replaced, do it BEFORE the next rainstorm hits.

A-1 Auto Repair stocks wiper blades to fit almost any vehicle. And, even if your wiper blades are in good shape, your A-1 Auto Repair Professional will top off your wiper fluid each time you come in, especially during winter and early spring. There is no need to go all over town trying to find the best price on washer fluid. Let A-1 Auto Repair do it as part of our regular service.